Develop the Workforce within the Tees Valley

To support investment and the economic growth of Tees Valley we need to ensure a good supply of skilled workers are available to businesses to support their current and future needs. Moving forward the Tees Valley faces the challenge of ensuring that its workforce is capable of taking advantage of new economic opportunities as they emerge, as well as to enhance existing numbers and capacities of skilled workers.


Evidence tells us that our adult workforce will need transferable skills to respond to a rapidly changing labour market; to make progress and remain in sustainable work; to boost the productivity of the Tees Valley economy and to attract investment to the area. It also tells us that we need to give our young people the right skills and information to make well informed career choices so that they can meet the needs of our current and future economy.


By understanding the key challenges and opportunities, TVU will work with employers, learning and skills providers and other agencies, to ensure that the provision on offer in Tees Valley gives individuals the skills they need to meet the current and future needs of businesses and to enjoy successful and satisfying careers.

Tees Valley

Situated in the North East of England and nestled between North Yorkshire and County Durham, Tees Valley covers an area of 304 square miles with a population of 660,000.

Tees Valley Unlimited

One of the first Local Enterprise Partnerships in the country to gain approval from the Government, TVU has a growing reputation as a leading and forward thinking organisation building on over a decade of successful public and private sector partnership working.

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